For orders please consider at least a 1-month period prior to the dispatch date!

All prices listed in this site are NET, excl. VAT.

Shipping Costs:
We export to all countries. The shipping costs including packaging, postage, transport insuranse and export customs clearance are billed at actual cost.

Methods and terms of payment:
All payments have to be made in advance.

  • By money transfer to our bank account
  • Cash on delivery (only possible for deliveries within Bulgaria)


All of the products we sell are backed by a 3-year Guarantee, effective from the date of purchase.

VAT Identification Numbers for EU Customers
If you are an EU customer, please specify whether you have a VAT ID NO. or not if you have a VAT ID, you do not have to pay the Bulgarian VAT.

If you do not have a VAT ID or do not indicate your VAT ID on your order form, we are legally bound by EU tax laws to add the Bulgarian VAT (actual 20%).

This regulation only applies to customers from countries within the European Union. Any exports to other countries are not subject to VAT.

Intellectual Property Rights

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No third party, except as expressly permitted in writing by Gocho & Sons shall have any rights to use any of Gocho & Sons intellectual property.

All of these rights are protected by registration and/or applicabale laws. All of Gocho & Sons rights against any third party who uses them without express consent are expressly reserved.