Dear Monsieur Ivanov, Thank you very much for your beautiful work. I am impressed by the quality of your chinrests, tailpieces and pegs: elegant, refined and sober lines, beautiful wood, deep beautiful colors, amazing work. It is a great pleasure to rely on partners of high level like you are. I am happy and proud to set my violin with Ivanov fittings! All the best
Alexia Warmbrodtfrom Girardin workshop
My name is Hristo Hristov and I am a Ph.D. and Sc.D. of musical science. I would like to share the results of my research on the impact of accessories on the quality of the sound of stringed music instruments. Handmade accessories of company Gocho & Sons have demonstrable positive impact of the tone quality of researched from me music instruments. Compared to other models, made in Europe and Asia, the accessories of this company have significant advantages. From the standpoint of convenience of use - they protect the highest possible level. The selection of wood, preparation for work, methods of treatment and the form of accessories contribute for their easy installation and positive attitude of the musicians who use them. I want to undoubtedly express my positive review to both craftsmanship and finesse of the studio Gocho and Sons, and their achievements to the best possible effect on the sound emission of stringed musical instruments.
Dr. H. HristovPh.D., Sc.D.
Just received your package. I'm very impressed by your work. It is all beautifully made. Best regards and thank you.
Daniel Musek
Maestro Ivanov, yes!, I forgot to confirm it to you, I receive them last monday, a beauty, thank you very much, everything very fine, thank you for asking. Receive best wishes from Mexico.
Luis Cortes
Thanks so much for the fittings. I liked it very much! Really you did a beautiful job. Congratulations!
Hideo Nagai
I received the package today. The quality of your work is very well. Thank you very much. Best regards.
Philippe Girardinluthier