Our firm was established entirely with our own resources back in 1991, shortly after the political changes in Bulgaria.

Gocho Ivanov (born in 1944) was its founder and the person with the biggest contribution to the realization of our ideas and further development of the firm.

Several years later, attracted by the original idea and the pleasure of working with beautiful tree sorts, it was us who also joined the undertaking – Gocho’s sons, Petar and Zhivko.

Currently, there are 5 people working in our workshop, including the three of us, the owners.

The workshop is located in the small, but very beautiful town of Kazanlak.

It is situated at the foot of the Stara Planina /Balkan/ mountains (Central Bulgaria), in the fragrant Rose Valley, also known as the Valley of Thracian kings.

The whole place is full of ancient history and legends.